The Network

Leadership Group

The Leadership Group consists of a smaller group of jurisdictions committed to working with the National Network for Safe Communities to develop, demonstrate, and represent a new national standard in addressing group violence and overt drug markets.

The purpose of the Leadership Group is to reset national practice, norms, and expectations around group violence and drug market crime. Members of the Leadership Group will assist one another with their work; conduct research; address core issues related to crime, crime prevention, community and race; write and publish articles in scholarly, professional, and public outlets; and promote these themes in their own professional circles.

The National Network is convening teams from the Leadership Group jurisdictions – including law enforcement officials, community figures, social services providers, and scholars – at least twice a year for the next five years.

Together these teams address the core issues of the Network's mission: how to fully implement the strategies; how to ensure their sustainability and institutionalization; how to reduce the unintended harms of traditional enforcement practices; race and perspectives on crime and law enforcement; small-group and street culture dynamics and how they produce crime; truth and reconciliation processes and their lessons for crime prevention; social service and employment strategies for serious offenders; and managing and institutionalizing pragmatic crime prevention strategies incorporating all these elements.

The Leadership Group currently includes:

Boston, MA

Chicago, IL

Cincinnati, OH

High Point, NC

Los Angeles, CA

Milwaukee, WI

Newark, NJ

Oakland, CA

Providence, RI

State of California

State of North Carolina